Course at the UOC Summer School

This summer Business with Common Sense has been present at UOC Summer School with the course ‘Sustainability, the opportunity to innovate in crisis time’.

Can we think of a business underpinned by other than the ‘business as usual’ parameters? How can we link innovation and sustainability? How are sustainable businesses? What are their benefits?

After a brief introduction on sustainable business, students were asked to build a wiki of companies that have embodied sustainability strategies in their business model. The debate to accept or refuse the proposed companies was intense, and it culminated with an exercise where the strategies of two companies were compared. Which was doing better? Why?

With this course we have started to strike the social transformation towards a new way of doing business. This is how students expressed it:

“Really, it has been a very useful seminar which has to lead us to continue thinking… Many thanks to the consultants to approach us to other options, other ways of doing things” – Lina Carranza.

We hope that this course will be offered again shortly. There will be new cooperation opportunities with the UOC for sure! We’ll keep you posted.