BwCS at the Master in Green Economy

This year we will be present at the Postgrau en Economia Verda ( organised by the Universitat de Vic and the Col·legi d’Economistes de Catalunya. The Postgrade started in March 2014 and it is currently at its end. It is addressed to professionals and technicians from the public and private sectors, in order to provide them with specific training in relation to all aspects that impact the green economy, with specific emphasis in experiences and practical cases.

Thursday 19 of February BwCS will participate in the last module dedicated to green economy policy. We will give a talk on sustainability and Innovation, where we will demonstrate how the transition for sustainability is a continuum of innovation that promotes contextual changes, including policy. We will show examples from B-Corporations and the Economy of the Common Good, and we will introduce, the Pathway, our tool to (re)design sustainable business models framed within the new business paradigm.

As you can see, we continue working to create a new economic System, one that respects both the Society and the Environment.