BwCS helps build the Green Economy in the Mediterranean

Building the green economy in the Mediterranean (UNEP, SWITCH-MED)

Business with Common Sense (BwCS) is taking part in the SWITCH-MED project, led by UNEP/MAP – SCP/RAC (a regional agency from the United Nations Environment Programme), which aims at fostering the Green Economy across the Mediterranean basin by empowering its key actors: eco-entrepreneurs and green businesses.

After few months intensively devoted to the preparation of the UNEP’s Eco-entrepreneurship Methodology, we just started the second phase of the SWITCH-MED project, the “training of trainers”, which seeks to contribute to the development of a strong ecosystem for eco-entrepreneurship & green business in the Mediterranean.

Last week we were in Morocco. We had the pleasure to share an enriching week of practice with experienced colleagues coming from a variety of backgrounds and sectors. We exchanged experiences and best practices, assessed the country’s ecosystem and its potential green niches and connected networks. Through a group-based approach we taught them on the Eco-entrepreneurship Methodology, prepared the work ahead regarding its adaptation to the Moroccan context, and began organizing the training of eco-entrepreneurs.

We would like to thank the local partners leading the work on the ground: the “Fondation Jeune Entrepreneur” -FJE- and the “Réseau Marocain de l’Économie Sociale et Solidaire” -REMESS-, and all the participants of this training session for their interest, and for sharing with us their “savoir-faire” and experience while making us feel completely at home.

Many thanks to your warm hospitality!


Ariadna Benet (middle of the picture) at the one the trainings in Morocco.