Building the green economy in the Mediterranean

Business with Common Sense is taking part in the SWITCH-MED project, led by UNEP/MAP – SCP/RAC (a regional agency from the United Nations Environment Programme), which aims at fostering the Green Economy across the Mediterranean basin by empowering its key actors: eco-entrepreneurs and green businesses.

After few months intensively devoted to the preparation of the UNEP’s Eco-entrepreneurship Methodology, in July we started the second phase of the SWITCH-MED project, the “training of trainers”. This phase seeks to contribute to the development of a strong ecosystem for eco-entrepreneurship & green business in the Mediterranean.

In July we were in Morrocco, and last week in Jordan. We had the pleasure to share an enriching week of practice with more than 20 experienced trainers and entrepreneurs coming from a variety of backgrounds and sectors. Through a group-based approach we taught them on the Eco-entrepreneurship Methodology that they will use in the training of eco-entrepreneurs in Jordan. We also exchanged experiences and best practices, learned about the country’s potential green niches and connected networks.

We would like to thank the local partners leading the work on the ground: the “Business Development Center” -BDC-, and all the participants of this training session for their interest, and for sharing with us their “savoir-faire” and experience while making us feel completely at home.

Many thanks to your warm hospitality!


The Eco-entrepreneurship Training of Trainers in Jordan (October 11-15, 2015), with Nicola Cerantola from Ecologing and Ariadna Benet from Business with Common Sense as SWITCH-MED trainers, Jemma Grayburn from BDC, among other participants. Foto from BDC.