Done implementing the Pathway for Sustainable Business

We have already finished the implementation of the “Pathway” at Altinco S.L.. !!IMG_8201

It’s been four in-depth sessions with representatives from all departments. They have brought an overall understanding of the company’s sustainability. They have also made it possible to share highly enriching ideas and visions, in a relaxed and open work atmosphere.

We have analyzed the systemic boundaries, the context and the expectations of the relevant stakeholders. All in all, it gave us useful Information to bring out potential risks and opportunities for the company.

We have also developed new value propositions based on the functional and emotional needs of their clients. A new business model, as well as innovation and improvement proposals, have emerged.

Finally, we have qualitatively evaluated the Total Net Impact, a useful tool to identify areas of improvement that will allow the company to move towards business sustainability.

It’s been a different learning experience for all of us!IMG_8201