It’s a fact: Our Pathway boosts innovation and sustainability

Infogràfic PATHWAY ALTINCO ENGAltinco is a Catalan company that develops products for agriculture. They want to do it as sustainably as possible. The ‘Pathway for Sustainable Business’ is a tool designed by Business with Common Sense (BwCS) to integrate sustainability in businesses. Its application at Altinco was highly valued by the members that participated in the four workshops’ of 5 hours each facilitated by the BwCS team.

‘The Pathway’ combines several business design methodologies and incorporates sustainability in all the steps, discussions and thinking done throughout its application. ‘The Pathway’ is dynamic and visual; it stimulates analysis and team work; and gets together different departments and visions. Participants commented,…are ‘tools that help thinking and capturing ideas in a clear and visual way’, or, ‘I learned more profoundly about other areas of the company; their people and suggestions’.

The objective is to transform companies to make them more sustainable. Using the ‘The Pathway’ we encourage business operational optimization and the research of new business models and products. One of the most direct consequences of this exercise was participants’ change on the perception and understanding of business sustainability. Sentences such the following demonstrate it: ‘It also gave me a broader point of view when making decisions: how can it affect the environment, other people, etc.’, or, ‘Not only a sustainable business model is viable but it can improve its opportunities and competitive advantages’.

Using ‘the Pathway’ we also spurred innovation and we started introducing the circular economy in the company. We improved the existing value propositions, which now match with their clients’ functional and emotional needs, and we defined a new business model. The Total Net Impact, the last step of the Pathway, is a powerful qualitative indicator of business sustainability, with which we evaluated both the environmental and social performance of the company and its impacts, and their contribution to the common good. It allows spotting weak aspects that require improvement, and strengths that should be highlight.

We are very happy with the results of this tool, and we can now apply it to other companies with guarantee! Should you have interest in learning about the Pathway, do not hesitate to contact us: