Ariadna Benet

ariadnaAriadna  Benet  i  Mònico.  PhD,  BSc. Partner and Consultant at Business with Common Sense.

Ariadna is a Chemist and holds a PhD in Biology and an MSc in Environment and Development.

As a senior professional on Sustainability and International Development, Ariadna has more than 10 years of experience in capacity building of grass-roots CSOs in the areas of environmental degradation and sustainable development in the Pacific region, South America, Africa and Western Europe. She successfully managed several programmes with clear outcomes:

  • Improved access to safe water, sanitation and healthcare facilities of Lithuanian rural communities.
  • More than 300 ladies in Sierra Leone after attending non-formal education were able to manage their own agricultural projects.
  • Local communities achieve to establish partnerships with governmental institutions.
  • Albanian youngsters were able to lead environmental improvements in their community.
  • Identified sources of pollution in marine coastal waters . This provided crucial information for further coastal management, as well as proof of water contamination that could be used by local communities at a court of justice, in the defence of their livelihoods deployment.

Ariadna was selected as external expert of a team of consultants that elaborated the training materials on Green Business for the EU-UNEP SwitchMed initiative in the Southern Mediterranean Region. It included:

  • Elaboration of a hands-on practical training guide and a handbook on Green Business for local entrepreneurs and local trainers.
  • Delivery of 5-day training sessions in Morocco, Egypt and Jordan.

Moreover Ariadna :

  • Has been an external consultant at the Open University of Catalonia since 2009, where she designed a Master programme, lectures on sustainability and carbon footprint, prepares training modules.
  • Has a long term experience in strategic planning, workshop facilitation and project management.
  • Has Lead several carbon footprint and life-cycle analysis.
  • Has published scientific articles and is the co-author of the following books:

Currently she works for the transformation towards sustainability of small and medium enterprises.

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